Dunbier Boat Trailers, Australia


How do I select the right trailer for my boat?

There are several aspects you need to consider.
  • First you need to select the right trailer for you hull. Rollers or Skids? Generally most aluminium boats up to 5.3m are best suited on skid or centre keel roller trailers (Dunbier Centreline, Glider Pad Series or Rollamatic models). Fibreglass boats are best suited to a multi roller trailer for ease of launching and retrieving (Dunbier Supa Rolla, Glider Roller or Rollamatic models). It is essential that you choose the Dunbier trailer with the right support for your boat.
  • Next would be the weight of your boat. Depending on what you will be using the trailer for you have to consider how much weight your trailer can carry which includes the weight of your boat, your motor, the trailer, fuel that you will be towing and any other gear that you may load into your boat. Generally you would allow for 75 – 100kg of gear and 1 litre of petrol equals approx 1 kg. If you go away on long trips please ensure you allow for the extra weight you may pack into your boat, and ensure you don’t exceed what the maximum towing weight is for that trailer. Overloading your trailer you will experience blowouts or suspension problems just to name a few. The towing weight, will determine whether you require brakes or not on your trailer.
  • Please take into consideration the vehicle that will be towing your boat. If you drive a wagon or 4WD you may require more length in your drawbar to allow you to open the rear door of your car comfortably. Also in tight reversing spaces you reduce the chances of damaging your vehicle and boat. This can sometimes be achieved by the next trailer size up but speak to your dealer about this, if this is a concern.
  • And finally you need to think about where you will be storing your boat. Some places are governed by a height restriction whilst other a width restriction or even a length restriction. For height restricted areas Dunbier offer “wide” frame models that may assist if this is a concern. The trailer is wider allowing the boat to sit deeper into the trailer, however this may not be the answer for everyone. You can get over all lengths and widths of our trailers by clicking on the model trailer that you are interested in, or from our trailer catalogue.
  • It is recommended that you speak with your local Dunbier dealer to assist you when considering your trailer choices.

How much weight should be on my towball/drawbar?

Typically on a boat/ trailer the overall weight of the boat/motor trailer should not exceed bewteen 5-7% of the total weight on the towball. Eg Boat/Motor/Trailer weights 800kg the towball weight should not exceed 56kg as a general rule.

I am looking at buying a boat and am unsure whether it requires brakes or not? Can you help?

Laws in Australia require boat/motor and trailer packages that weigh over 750kg including all three weights require brakes. If the boat/motor and trailer weighs over 2000kg you will need a breakaway system. See our Hydrastar Braking system page on our website for more information. In New Zealand the law is if the boat weighs over 1000kg it requires brakes and over 2500kg requires breakaway. It is also recommended you refer to the handbook of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle has the towing capacity of the boat/motor/trailer package.

I cannot find a serial number on my frame which I need for the roads department. What do I do? Can you re-issue a number for me?

No we cannot. If you no longer can find a serial number you will need to re-apply through your state roads department. Without proof of purchase from an original receipt of purchase of your Dunbier trailer we cannot re-issue. Current Dunbier trailers have their serial numbers stamped into the top section where the A Frame meets. Alternatively look on the left hand inside frame where it could have been stamped or labelled. Current models since around 1992 also have an aluminium plate riveted to the inside of the A frame.

l want to convert my trailer from skids to rollers can l do this?

Yes we have rollers in a double roller set or quad roller set that clamp to most frames being 50mm or 75mm. See our parts section on our “Trailer Repair Centre” Website to view these rollers. Codes 3100 and 3110.

What stud pattern are the tyres on my current model Dunbier Trailer?

Wheel Size Stud Pattern
10″ 5 stud Ford
13″ 5 stud Ford
14″ 5 stud Ford
14″ 6 stud Land Cruiser
15″ 6 stud Land Cruiser

What wheel bearings do I need to use with my Dunbier Trailer?

Dunbier uses standard Holden wheel bearings for all trailers with 39mm round and 40mm Square Axles. Axles that are 45mm or 50mm Square use Ford Bearings.

How often should i service my trailer?

Boat trailers are quite often exposed to salt water & other harsh environments. Regular servicing and maintenance of your boat trailer is recommended. Please refer to our boat trailer user guide for service interval information.